Our mission

We help art galleries and artists
in their everyday work,

provide them with tools tailored
to build and maintain their
online presence,

help them increase sales and
save loads of time.

Our story

Our experience in the art market goes back to 2006, when as the two art history graduates we went to London to seek for jobs within our profession. After four years in art galleries, artbook shop and working for art collectors we returned to our homeland to open a gallery of our own. At the same time we started working on the first Polish gallery and collection management system.


Todays ArtSaas derives from all those experiences, hours of talks with artists and gallery owners, researches on the global art market trends and new technologies. We constantly look into improving it, in order to fulfill our mission, which remains the same from our beginnings.


This website was created with many extraordinary people. Our special gratitude goes to two talented lublinian artists, Tomek Bielak whose works you see on the photographs and to the photographer, Natalia Wierzbicka.

Get to know us

Our team gathers people with many years of work experience on the global art market and in the IT industry. We constantly research on how new technologies can support artists, art galleries, collectors, their comunication and cooperation.


Cecylia Grabek

Co-founder & CEO

Łukasz Grabek

Co-founder & COO

Magdalena Sadłocha

Sales & support specialist

Aleksandra Bednarz

GUI & UX designer

Dawid Jeż

Full-stack developer

Our Parnters