ArtSaas offers great analytic, time-saving and sale-boosting tools.

Good Price

No license and installation fees! Free support and free ongoing upgrades! No need for an in-house server. Our monthly pricing plans will fit any budget.


Stay connected to your gallery or collection anytime from anywhere. All you need is a device with web browser and internet connection!


We backup our clients’ data every day. Once a week a backup is deposited in a bank safe. We protect your account with 256-bit SSL encryption, the same way your bank protects your online account.


ArtSaas is ready to work within minutes! It’s visually attractive and simple to use – you don’t need a long training to become ArtSaas proficient.

Data integration

With ArtSaas you enter data just once but you can access it from different modules of the system. Records are linked automatically so that crucial information is always at hand. Our bespoke websites are also integrated with ArtSaas which means your whole inventory can be published online with just one click!

For Arts Sake

ArtSaas was developed by art historians and art dealers in cooperation with IT specialists. It was designed to meet the needs of art and antiques dealers, collection curators and artists. We aimed for the system that minimizes and optimizes time spent on administrative tasks and gives you more time to concentrate on the merits of your work and passion – dealing with more exciting and beautiful works of art!

Our Clients:

Cara Gallery
Galeria Stalowa
Galeria Le Guern
Galeria 101 Projekt
Galeria i Dom Aukcyjny Nautilus
Wejman Gallery
Mia Art Gallery
Gallery Dada

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